As the name suggests cabin charter cruises are booked by the cabin and are open to singles as well as friends, couples and larger groups. Cabin Charter is a perfect choice for people looking for to make some new friendships on their cruising holidays or simply want to spend their time with some new company. These holidays can end up getting to know a real friend or sometimes even as love romances. We have heard so many lovely stories from the people who were on cabin charter cruising holidays.

Cabin charters are often using traditional wodden boats – called gulets or larger vessels which are almost more mini cruises. The advantage of these boats comparing to cruise ships is they can get right in to smaller harbours, though of course they lack the facilities of a large ship. Gulets or mini cruisers available for cabin charter have from around 6 to 30 guest cabins with 3 to 20 crew members.

Most of the cabins on gulets available for cabin charters are double so if you’re travelling alone there is sometimes a single supplement. For singles on a budget, there is sometimes the options to share a twin cabin.

Another concern if You plan to book a cabin charter is the unknown nature of the other guests that will share the same boat with You and the fact that there isn’t really anywhere to escape to if you don’t agree with them. However, peer pressure is a wonderful thing and quite often weight of numbers will keep any wayward individuals in order.

Food is usually included, but the quality of this and the gulets themselfes ranges widely  from the economic to the luxury. It’s highly reccommendable checking carefully what is included and what is excluded in the cabin charter cruising price.

These cruises often follow set route, but sometimes skippers are open to suggestions from everyone aboard about where they’d most like to go.

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