Every gulet from our offer has crew service included in the cruising price and the number of the crew members depends on the gulets size and the quality of service provided. It usually ranges from minimum 3 members for smaller 3 or 4 cabins gulets and up to 4 or even 5 members on more luxury gulets from our offer. It is important to know that no matter what is the number of crew members on a gulet you will never need to operate the boat yourself, cook or serve the food or clean your cabins. The cruising gulets crew will take care about all those aspects mentioned to ensure You pleasant relaxed and unforgettable cruising experience.


Each cruising gulet from our offer has it’s captain or skipper. He is the person who is in charge of operating the gulet and he is the one who is responsible for the safety of all the persons on board. All the guests have to be aware of the fact that the captain is the most important person on the boat and that his word has to be final about the itinerary and about all the other important aspects of the navigation since his responsability is really huge. Therefore the positive communication between the captain and it’s guest is crucial to have a memorable cruising experience since the captain is the one who is in charge of organisation of Your cruise and who can suggest visiting some of the most amazing places.


The cook is the person who is in charge of marveling you by preparing many of delicious and tasteful specialties every day. You will enoy tasting the elegantly presented fruits, the vegetables, the beef the chicken and especially the seafood. You will not dream about restaurant food while you are aboard one of the cruising gulets from our offer as our professional and experienced cook will provide you with gourmet meals with the home-made touch. The local specialties prepared by our cook will surely be one of the the things You will remember from your cruise.


Waitter is a person who is in charge of serving the food and drinks and who is always on guests disposal during the lunch time. He is also in charge of washing the dishes and if there is no hostess on board he would also clean the guests cabins. He is a very friendly, communicative and polite person who will be able to give You all sort of useful information.


Sailor is a person who is in charge of helping the captain, he is often captain’s assistant. Sailor will take care that all the „small things“ are functioning properly.


is a person who is in charge of cleaning and preparing  your cabins, serve you drinks, clean the gulet deck and saloon and sometimes she will also babysit for You so You can relax and enoy Your holidays completely.

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