Gulets are type of the boats that are available for charter only fully crewed. Crew on a cruising gulets usually consist of 4 members and beside the captain and sailors you get a cook who prepares meals for You out of the freshest local ingredients. When chartering a private gulet hafboard is obbligatory extra You need to take but You can of course choose to have a fullboard as well and beside this You are free to decide about the menu depending on your preferences.

The provisioning is often made in advance according to your wishes or your dietary requirements and health conditions, such as gluten-free, and diabetes foods. This is something we agree about with our guests much before the cruising begins – all the guest are asked to fill in the preference list.

During the cruise, depending on your itinerary, provisioning can be made also at harbors along the route to stock up on food and drink if there is any special occasion to celebrate.

Domestic local specialties on a gulet

The food served on the gulet is always fresh and reflects the best that local markets have to offer. Some of the most popular Dalmatian specialties will be served for You during You gulet cruise including the finest fish, aromatic olive oil, fine cheeses, pilafs, the most tender lamb meat, vegetable casseroles, colorful salads, fresh local fruit… This fine food with the added pleasure of dining on your gulet’s aft deck makes a pleasurable culinary experience and a memorable part of your charter gulet holidays.

Beverages on a gulet

As for the drinking on gulet it is good to know wines served with the food are also of local origin. You can also enjoy beers, juices, spirits, tea, coffee… Whatever tickles your fancy. Since many charter gulets have bar sales, you are not allowed to bring your own drinks on board. However, if there is no bar, feel free to bring as much drink as you want. In case you prefer more expensive wines than included in the charter package, you are charged extra. The same goes for foreign drinks.

You can also make a list of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and give it to your charter agency during the booking procedure so that they can purchase the drinks for you and later give you the invoice.
So, when it comes to gulet food and drinks, the good things is they are basically taken care of. Yours is just to relax and enjoy.

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