Booking a gulet with us is simple and easy job.

In order to getting you acquainted with the booking procedure we have decided to describe this process into few most important steps.


If You have no idea about which gulet You would like to book You can simply send us request by filling in our online booking form and our enthusiastic and knowledgeable team will be glad to help You choose the gulet cruising that would suit Your needs and wishes.

Or You can browse our gulet cruising catalog and choose on Your own the best option for you that will fit your vacation schedule, tastes and budget.

After having decided about the gulet You would like to book please contact us with Your request. We appreciate as many information as we can get in your first contact. The important info we need to have in order to be able to send You our detailed offer are: requested cruising period, prefered departure marina and the numer of cabins requested on board. For us it is also important to know if You wish to charter a private gulet cruise or only one or few cabins on our gulets available for cabin charter.


Once we receive Your inquiry we will check our gulets cruise offer and very shortly we will send You our complete offer that includes the information on the availability and current rental prices with valid discounts of the gulets we can recommend You to book according to Your special demands and wishes. Our offer will also include all the info about the obbligatory extra cost including the food and beverages options and port and marina taxes as well as all the other optional additional costs. Our offer will also contain the brochure of each particular gulet offered.


After we receive Your answer saying that the one of the cruising gulets we recommended is acceptable for You we will put the chosen gulet under the option for You. Option means that we are holding the gulet temporarily out of booking and it will not be available for booking to the other guests while Your option lasts. The option gives you enough time to make your final decision regarding booking and to arrange all other details of travel like for example booking a flight tickets etc. An option on a gulet can last maximum 7 days.


Once You have decided to confirm the option on the selected gulet according to our first offer we will book this gulet for You.

After having received a final confirmation from the guest including all the personal info requested (adress, passport number etc…) we will send booking confirmation and a charter agreement with charter conditions. These documents include all the important information for your charter (type of boat, period, terms) and also includes all the details neccessary to accomplish the payment. How to pay for a gulet cruise will be described in another section.

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