If You decide to book a private gulet cruise or charter the whole gulet for Yourself you and your family and friends You will have the entire gulet and its crew at your disposal with a possibility of choosing the itinerary and the activities on Your own. Just think of it as your own private charter yacht.

If You compare private gulet cruise to charter of a crewed motor or sailing yacht gulet private cruises are showing up as more expensive option.

Typically the gulets available for private cruises in Croatia are very luxurious and have air conditioning, ice machine, very spacious mahogany interiors, teak decks and a large professional galley or kitchen.

Gulets available for private cruises are various and usually come from 16 to 35 metres in length and have large forward and aft decks, ideal for sun bathing.

Besides sun-bathing, there will be activities and excursions: diving, windsurfing, encountering dolphins and whales, fishing or visiting archaeological sites and tasting local culture and specialties.

Despite the variation in length most gulets available for private cruises in Croatia offer accommodation for 8 to 14 guests in 4 to 7 cabins with double beds of hotel type.

A crew of at least three members will be at your disposal : captain, cook and sailor. They will give their best to provide the unforgettable cruising vacation in Croatia.

There is no better way to experience truly amazing Croatian coastline than chartering a private gulet cruise and exploring the hidden bays and inlets of this unforgettable sailing area having the possibility to have them completely to Yourselves since lot of these bays are reachable only by the sea.

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