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Gulet is a traditional boat made out mostly of wood (teak, mahogany, oak) available for charter in Croatia. Gulets come in many sizes ranging from smaller 20-meter long boats to longer 40-meter vessels. Usually gulets have from 4 to 8 guest cabins and they always have separate crew cabins.

  1. What is a gulet?

Gulet is a traditional boat made out mostly of wood (teak, mahogany, oak) available for charter in Croatia. Gulets come in many sizes ranging from smaller 20-meter long boats to longer 40-meter vessels. Usually gulets have from 4 to 8 guest cabins and they always have separate crew cabins. In   our offer we also have bigger gulets (mini cruisers) that have up to 18 cabins on guest’s disposal. All gulets from our offer have air condition and a private toilet with shower tub in each cabin. All gulets have professional crew  consisting of 3 to 8 crew members including Captain, cook, sailors, waiter, hostess and others.

Gulets are crewed vessels offering ultimate comfort and luxury for comfortable cruising in Croatia.

  1. Is there a crew on a gulet?

All the gulets we have in our offer are fully crewed meaning that crew of at least 3 members is included in the rental price.

The crew is very much experienced, professional and friendly, mostly consisting  of 4 members including the Captain, cook and 2 sailors. Their job is to take care about your safety and comfort during your cruising holidays and all you need to do is relax and enjoy your gulet cruising holidays in Croatia.

Crew on a gulet is described more detailed on a special section gulets crew on our web page since we find it as the most important factor when it comes to a guest’s satisfaction. For example not so luxurious gulet with top crew offering the highest level of service is much more better combination than the most luxurious gulet with non professional or bad crew.

  1. Where do I sleep on the gulet?How cabins look like?

Cabins on the cruising gulets from our offer are meant for sleeping only so all you need is a bed, toilet and a shower. Depending on gulets size and the type of luxury and service providing cabins can be double, twin bedded or even single but all of them are certainly air conditioned. In order to meet the wishes of the most demanding clients during few past years this trend is changing and gulet’s cabins are getting bigger and better and much more comfortable. So the majority gulets from our offer each cabin is tastefully decorated and sleeping quality has been provided through high quality fabrics of the linens, cushions including even anti anti allergy mattress. Some cabins really look like the most luxurious hotel rooms equipped up to the latest cruising trends. However, you should always bear in mind that most important thing during your cruising in Croatia would be not the level of luxury provided in a cabins but a deck space and the crew that will be providing highest levest of service.

  1. How to book a gulet cruise?

Once You decide to book a cruising on the gulet You can choose between chartering only a cabin or booking the whole gulet for Yourself. After a decision has been made about which type of a cruise suits you the best and which gulet among the recommened ones you like the most booking procedure is very simple and easy with  After having received a final confirmation from the guest including all the personal info requested (adress, passport number etc…) we will send booking confirmation and a charter agreement with charter conditions. These documents include all the important information for your charter (type of boat, period, terms) and also includes all the details neccessary to accomplish the payment. How to pay for a gulet cruise is described in another section on our web page.

  1. Can I choose my own cruising route?

This is the most common question we get about the cruising on the gulets. And our answer is always the same – yes, you can choose which places you would like to visit during 7 days cruising in Croatia. So probably the best thing about gulets is a fleibility of choosing the route on your own. But you should always bear in mind that you can’t never made a decision about the route without agreeing with the captain about it. You should always be aware of the fact that the Captain’s word is the most important and he is in charge of deciding what the next stop would be. Captain would gladly listen your suggestions but he will make a decision on his own always taking into consideration the wheather conditions. If you are not sure which places are really worth visiting we can help you with our suggestions to plan your own gulet cruise route.

  1. Is gulet cruising safe?

How safe is cruising with a gulet? Very often we receive this question from our clients. Gulets are nice vessels meant for comfortable cruising. When it comes to compare gulets with sailing boats or motor yachts they are much more stable and thus also safer option and if you follow the captain’s advice – they are often the safest option.

The safety of it’s passengers is the most important thing for every Captain and he will never do anything that could possibly jeopardize the safety of their guests and the crew even if some clients push hard to do otherwise. So it is really important that clients are explained in advance that the captain’s authority should always no.1 on the gulet cruise.

  1. What about food and drinks onboard?

When chartering a private gulet cruise hafboard food option is obbligatory extra cost. Depending on your preferences You can of course choose to take fullboard food option. Another great thing is that You are free to decide and to choose about the menu depending on your wishes. Before our guest come on board we send them a preference list that they should fill in so we can prepare everything on time for their perfect cruise. So the provisioning is always made in advance according to guest’s wishes or dietary requirements and health conditions, such as gluten-free, and diabetes food.

Beverages are also obbligatory extra cost. You are often offered to choose between several beverage packages that you should pick according to your preferences. It is strongly forbbiden that guest bring their own drinks on board unless agreed differently with the captain and paying the specific amount of money requested as a corkage fee.

  1. Are there any additional costs that I should be aware of?

Beside the rental price and food and beverages fees there are also some additional costs that we would like to point out to and that you should be aware of and those are port taxes, tips for the crew and other extra requeste such us transfer from the Airport, ticket for National parks and other activities outside the gulet

How much will you be spending for the port taxes it depends on the chosen itinerary. Usually weekly costs for the port taxes in Croatia are from 500,00 to 1.000,00 Eur.

In Croatia tips for the crew is not obbligatory cost but the crew will be very thankful to get it at the end of the cruise. So if You are pleased with the service provided  we can suggest leaving the tipping the crew but only if you feel so.

Transfer to and from the Airport, tickets for National parks and other excursions outside the gulet are all additional costs not included in the rental price and are to be paid separately.

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